on your shoulders

Today I attended my first ever Bar Mitzvah.  Not only have I never attended a Bar Mitzvah — I’ve never been inside a synagogue before. Thankfully my friend had sent a letter along with the invitation to her son’s Bar Mitzvah.  The letter explained the ceremony, and also listed the things that were off-limits.  No […]


sidewalk chalk

My book launched on April 16th (yaaaaaaaay!) I’ve been waiting for this day for a really long time — waiting to write a book for most of my life, waiting to publish this specific book for the past 14 months, since I originally got the book deal. The morning of the launch, I woke up […]



Seven years ago , I was discharged from Yale-New Haven hospital after spending a week there in horrible pain after a bilateral mastectomy.  When I got home from the hospital, I was a pale, bruised, scarred, sad, 99-pound girl, and I thought my life was over. As it turns out, my life, as I knew […]

Sarah Thebarge


I’ve been thinking about my name  a lot for the past month, since I got the finalized copies of the book from my publisher’s design team. As part of the design process, they “brand” the author’s name — which is to say, they pick a font and color and size that will be used for […]