The Worship & Arts pastor at my church asked a few writers in our community to write on the idea that God Is Love.  And here’s what I wrote…     Some days I can’t find you for the darkness.   The world is pitch black, and I can’t even see my own hand moving, […]


On Tour

A few months after I got my book deal, I found out that the publisher was sending me out on a pre-book tour, and I was thrilled. “I’m going on tour,” I told friends and colleagues — and the bank teller and my massage therapist and the checker at the grocery store and anyone else […]


Over the summer my church studied the Fruits of the Spirit.  Some other writers and I wrote reflections on the fruits….here’s my reflection on kindness.  I was in physician assistant school earning a degree in medicine when I first heard the quote, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”  There’s disagreement […]