I moved to California last week, and this past Sunday I went to a new church for the first time.  Apparently the pastor’s been preaching through Hebrews, and on this particular Sunday he preached on Hebrews 13. His message covered verses 1-7, but my eyes stayed on verse 3 which says, “Continue to remember those […]

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I have news for you

I have news for you. Before you get too anxious or excited, NO, I’m not pregnant or engaged, I didn’t win the lottery, and my book is not (yet) on the New York Times bestseller list. The news is — I’m moving from Portland, Oregon to Santa Barbara, California at the end of this week.


And The Oscar Doesn’t Go To…

In honor of The Oscars, I thought I’d compile some of the funniest movie reviews I’ve read over the past year.  Enjoy! Endless Love “Endless Love lives up to its name. It’s purgatory.” David Edelstein, Vulture “Endless Love didn’t have to be this godawful.” Peter Travers, Rolling Stone “This movie has no idea how letters […]