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I have news for you

I have news for you.

Before you get too anxious or excited, NO, I’m not pregnant or engaged, I didn’t win the lottery, and my book is not (yet) on the New York Times bestseller list.

The news is — I’m moving from Portland, Oregon to Santa Barbara, California at the end of this week.

Why?  Well, this side-by-side weather comparison for this week kinda speaks for itself.

Santa Barbara: Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 5.25.15 PM


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But there are a few other reasons, too.

The past six years I’ve lived in Portland, I’ve changed and grown and learned so much.  I arrived here as a broken, bald, bruised girl who’d just survived 18 months of surgeries, chemo and radiation for breast cancer, and then almost died of pneumonia.  My first year in Portland, I took three antibiotics every day, plus got infusions every three weeks, got an injection every three months and took an anti-breast cancer pill every day.

Fast-forward six years to the present moment.  I’m still taking meds every day to keep the cancer from coming back, but I’m also working (more than) full time, contracted with one of the Big Six publishers, and traveling and speaking about a book I wrote in 2013 called The Invisible Girls.  I’ve been part of a great church for 5 ½ years, made dozens of new friends, set up a college fund for the Somali girls I wrote about in my book.  I’ve gone hiking and camping, I’ve tried new restaurants, and I’ve spent a lot of time flying into and out of Portland International Airport.  And, most importantly, I know God better and I love him more than I did when I first moved here.

I’ve realized over the past few years that my real gifts and passion lie in my writing and speaking, and it became clear that since those are my priorities, I need to orient the rest of my life to support those pursuits.  I’ve also realized that my soul doesn’t do well under the dreary grey skies of Portland, and I realized I needed to move to a sunnier climate for the sake of my emotional and spiritual health.

In January I had the opportunity to interview for four jobs in four days in Southern California.  I was hired to work at an urgent care clinic in Santa Barbara, California, where I can enjoy the sunshine, work 2-3 days/week, and have the rest of the time to write, travel and speak.

So….that’s the latest update on my life!  I’m packing boxes and arranging moving logistics this week, but there will be more to come soon!

Thanks for sharing!

7 thoughts on “I have news for you

  1. awesome news. god speed and all good things.

    Envious of your sunshine. Though right this second, the pdx skies are sunny and warm. For now.

  2. Look forward to reading your writing wherever you go. You do have a gift and a way of bringing others into a conversation. Someday you might think of being a moderator of some sort of discussion forum as well as writing and speaking. Also love the work you have accepted in your new town. God’s blessings in all you do.

  3. Hooray, hooray!! You lasted a whole lot longer than I would have. Thrilled to have you closer. Looking forward to seeing you as our insane working and writing schedules permit! May the Lord richly bless you as you enter this new phase of your life!!

  4. So happy for you. Safe travels. Will wait to hear more from you. You are a very brave women! God be with you……

  5. Thanks for the update. It’s a great blessing and encouragement to follow your journey on Facebook. Viv and I must see you the next time you are in our area. Glad you have the opportunity to move to a sunnier climate. I understand the emotional and spiritual side of climate. I often struggle here in Lancaster with the dreary winter days. (It’s especially difficult after living 12 years in the wonderful climate of the Caribbean).
    Thanks for modeling the reality of Christ through your struggles in life. Love, Jerry & Viv

  6. Oh Sarah, I love your book and I have heard you speak twice. I really enjoy everything about you and mostly that I can say I have meet you and you are from Portland. But, that being said, I am so happy that you are able to move where it has much more sun. I hope God continues to bless you each and every day. Thank you for your ministry

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