This week I’ve been closely following the events unfolding in Ferguson, Missouri.  Michael Brown, an 18-year-old black teenager, was shot to death by a police officer on Saturday.   Several witnesses say that the police officer started the altercation and that Brown was backing (or, some say, running) away when the police officer shot him […]

the drought

There’s a drought in California right now.  The drought’s been going on for a while now.  It’s the worst one California’s had in decades.  In January, the governor declared a drought emergency and asked residents to reduce their water consumption by 20% (which, for the average household, is about 72 gallons a day.) I moved […]

who for the joy

A few weeks ago on a warm July night, I sat with a friend on the balcony of my little studio apartment in Santa Barbara.  It was nearly midnight and, while we watched stars winking at us from the deep indigo sky, I wondered aloud about why some well-known people have reputations for being casual […]