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Hello, friends! I’m in the San Juan Islands on a 10-day writing retreat.  I wanted to keep the blog going, but after spending all day writing on my laptop, I’m tired of looking at a screen, so I thought I’d post some video blogs this week.

First up: I met the Invisible Girls on the train in Portland more than 4 years ago.  Even though I’ve ridden the train dozens of times since then, nothing like that has happened to me since — and what if nothing like that story ever happens to me again?

How do you live life in the spaces in between events and miracles and epic stories?

Thanks for sharing!

One thought on “video blog: living life in the spaces

  1. Wonderful attitude expressed in the video. Your book spoke so much to me. It came at a time when my Christian life was lethargic and I felt I had no purpose and your book reminded me and others who read it that there were lots of invisible people around us. I hope your future book is as much a blessing as your first, but I get the feeling from what you say and write that you will be faithful in those spaces and whether a handful or multitudes are touched by that faithfulness, may God grant you all the joy of knowing that he is pleased with faithfulness in a life known by thousands or by a handful of friends. I, know that I for one will always be thankful for how your book helped refresh and revive my Christian walk. To God be the glory and honor.

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