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guess what? i’m going to africa!

I’m going to Togo, Africa! Here’s a little context for you…I have wanted to serve in international medical missions for as long as I can remember, all the way back to when I was in elementary school and our church had missionaries come on Sunday nights and give slideshow presentations about the work they were […]


9 years

Nine years ago today, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 27.  I went through a mastectomy, two recurrences, four more surgeries, eight rounds of chemo, 30 days of radiation, a month-long hospitalization for pneumonia and sepsis, a year of Herceptin infusions, three years of Zometa infusions, and then started ten years of Zoladex […]


coming home

In my last blog post, I wrote about finishing up my month-long stay in Arkansas.  I was supposed to leave for Illinois the following day, but I was so eager to get home to my parents’ place, I couldn’t sleep.  I got in my car at 9 p.m. and started driving. I drove 8.5 hours, […]

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on my last day in arkansas

I’ve been in Arkansas for a month, and today’s my last day here. I’ve been the writer-in-residence at First Presbyterian Church in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and I’ve also gotten to speak at John Brown University, University of the Ozarks, University of Arkansas -Fort Smith and the Donald Reynolds Cancer Support House. Arkansas seems like a […]


on the monday after easter

It’s the Monday after Easter. As we face the days ahead, we will encounter the reality of daily life, which seems to have been suspended in the drama of Holy Week. We wake up today to find that the chocolate eggs are melting. The jellybeans are already stale. The lilies are wilting. The pastel decorations […]



Every Easter weekend, people repeat that saying, “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming,” as if to say that your dreams or desires or hopes are dead, but just hold still in the nothingness of Friday night and all day Saturday, and then at dawn on Sunday everything wakes up and you’re suddenly alive again. I don’t […]


the mandate of maundy thursday

It’s Maundy Thursday 2000 years ago. The known world is caught up in violent conflicts. Political leaders are abusing their power and engaging in sexual misconduct. Ethnic minorities are being oppressed. Poor people are going hungry. People are dying because they can’t afford doctors or medicine. Innocent children have been massacred. Jesus has asked his […]