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at the wailing wall

I’m in Israel for a week.  Some of my friends invited me to join them at the last minute, and I was in Europe already, and the flight to Israel was short and cheap, so I said, “Sure!” Yesterday we took a tour of Jerusalem. Our first stop was at the Western (aka Wailing) Wall. It stands […]


the word that will change the world

Last night I went to bed to the news that nine people had been murdered at a well-known African American church in Charleston, South Carolina. This morning I woke up to the news that in spite of the racially-motivated murders, the Confederate flag is still flying in South Carolina’s capitol. This is a problem.


invitation only

Last week, I flew to Europe to spend a month as the author-in-residence at an art school in Germany.  But I have a thing for collecting stamps in my passport, so instead of flying straight to Germany, I flew into Amsterdam, spent a few days exploring, and then took the overnight train to meet the […]

already home

Last week while I was in Portland, my schedule was a blur of activities. I sat down with a film crew that’s working on a series of short clips about generosity (I’ll let you know when it’s viewable!) Then I surprised an elementary school whose teacher read them excerpts of The Invisible Girls this past […]

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love finds us

It seems appropriate that the last speaking engagement I had before leaving the U.S. for four months (spending a month in Europe as the artist-in-residence at an art school, then three months serving at a hospital in Togo, Africa) was in Portland, Oregon. Portland was the place I moved in 2008 as I was recovering […]