good and faithful

It’s my parents’ anniversary today. They’ve been married for nearly four decades. The more failed dating relationships I have — well, let’s be honest, the longer I go without dating at all — the more amazed I am at their marriage. They found each other, they committed to each other, they stayed together, they worked […]

acts of God vs. acts of us

This weekend, I saw lots of people posting “#PrayersForMexico” on social media. I almost had a heart attack when I realized that some of these same social media friends were the same people who mock other ethnicities, repeat quotes and memes disparaging people in lower economic classes and support politicians who have not only opposed […]

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in me as it is in heaven

Some people learn life skills like love, patience and conflict resolution from living with a partner and/or having small children.  I get my character formation from traveling.  Trying to be patient and kind when I’ve been up since 3 a.m., had two delayed flights and the rental car company lost my reservation is stressful.  My sainthood […]

outside the lines

  Last week I went to Target to make a little care package for my 4-year-old nephew.   I was standing in the art supply aisle, and I had a choice to make.  I could buy him a paint-by-number kit, or I could get him a sketch pad and let him freestyle instead. I choose freestyle over […]

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Every morning I was in Africa, I tried to spend at least an hour writing, praying and/or meditating.  A quiet time to listen to God and talk to him before everything got crazy. A few days after I got out of the hospital after having malaria, I got a cup of coffee from the kitchen […]

fall dates

Hey, friends! I wanted to let you know about my fall dates.  No, unfortunately, not dates with handsome, eligible men who love Jesus. The other kind of dates — the calendar kind. I have the privilege of partnering with Compassion International for a Fall 2015/Spring 2016 speaking tour.  I’ll be speaking at more than a […]

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compassion: part II

Felix lives less than two miles from the Compassion center. We climb into the director’s car.  I’m sitting in the front passenger seat, and Felix is in the back seat with Ben, the videographer. As we’re driving out of the parking lot, I ask Felix if we can take a selfie. “Okay, say cheese!” He […]