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compassion: part I

On my last weekend in Togo, I visited a Compassion International site in Lome, the capitol city. I’ve been a spokesperson with Compassion for the past year, a non-profit whose mission is to “release children from poverty in the name of Jesus.”  They go into the poorest neighborhoods in the poorest developing countries and partner […]

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welcome home

I imagined it at least a hundred times. When I was sick with malaria, when I was exhausted after a 28 hour shift, when the hospital ran out of water, when I lost a patient I’d tried so hard to save, I closed my eyes and imagined coming home. Stepping on the plane in Togo, falling asleep […]

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the real question

Last week, the doctor who was on-call admitted a 5-month-old little girl.   The fever, the positive malaria test, and the seizures all pointed to what is, in Togo, a common diagnosis: cerebral malaria. The little girl seemed to have a bad case of it.  She seized all through the night, in spite of multiple […]