’twas the day before Christmas

The day before Jesus was born was not a fun day in Bethlehem.  The town was overcrowded.  People were there for a mandatory census.  The Jews had been oppressed by the Romans for a long time, and no prophet had spoken words from God in centuries. And yet. God had already heard the prayers of people […]

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keeping the ‘mas’ in ‘christmas’

It’s two days before Christmas, and there’s lots to do. In many of our lives, there’s always lots to do.  But during Advent, there’s  even more ‘lots to do’ than usual. Sugar cookies. Holiday parties.  Food prep.  Christmas tree decorating.  Gingerbread houses.  Greeting cards.  Gifts for children, parents, teachers, friends.  Family dinners.  Work parties.  Church services.  Christmas […]

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the star

The Star is one of my favorite parts of the Advent story.  Like the famous Left Shark in Katy Perry’s show, the star takes on its own identity, and becomes a character in the Nativity. Stars are truly amazing, and I’m truly fascinated by them. I’ve spent hours lying on my back in remote places out […]

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the thing about snowflakes

I have an oncology appointment today.  I go in every six months for a check-up and an injection of medicine that (hopefully) will prevent a breast cancer recurrence. Every time I visit my oncologist, I have really mixed feelings.  Part of me is grateful that, 9 years after my cancer diagnosis, I’m still here.  I’m also […]

it’s here!!!

I had the opportunity to contribute devotionals to Zondervan’s NIV Women’s Study Bible that just released. Leave a comment with your favorite verse or sacred story, and I’ll enter you into the drawing to win a free, signed copy!

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the least likely place

  One of my favorite parts of the Advent story is the shepherds.  God bless those shepherds. The angels appear to them and tell them that the Messiah has been born and he’s lying in a manger.  And they don’t question the angel.  They just say, “Oh, ok, cool!” And then they go running to […]

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room in the inn

When I lived in Portland, I had a townhouse with a big kitchen, hardwood floors and a fireplace.  I loved living there because it gave me the opportunity to practice hospitality, which I love. Getting the guest room ready for overnight guests, putting together a basket of travel-sized toiletries just in case they forgot something, […]