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On Wednesday I was flying from Jackson, Mississippi to Denver, Colorado, for a speaking engagement.  On the flight, I closed my eyes and for some reason, I started thinking about all the people Jesus encountered.  All the people whose stories we read about in the Gospels.  And I started wondering what happened to them afterwards. […]

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A few years before my breast cancer diagnosis, an OB/GYN had cornered me in the atrium of the hospital where I was doing clinical rotations.  He told me he was working with an infertile couple who wanted a daughter just like me — tall, thin, blond-haired Ivy League grad student.  He offered me $20,000 for […]

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You know how some days you wake up in the morning, and you have no idea that by the time the day is over, your life will have been profoundly changed?  That happened to me in June last year, when I was on a one-week trip to Israel. Our Israeli tour guide took us to […]

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Here’s the next blog in the Known, Loved, Wanted, Precious & Free Series! *** The first half of 2015 was a little rough.  I was in the most intense spiritual darkness I’d been in — maybe ever. And then I went to Togo. While I was there,  when the Internet was working (which was a […]

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On Monday, I wrote about the five things God says we are: known, loved, wanted, precious & free.  Here’s more about being known. *** Ethan Renoe was jogging in Chicago on a rainy night in December 2015 when a reporter asked to interview him about the unusual amount of rain Chicago was getting.   After […]

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it happened one day at starbucks

You know how sometimes you feel someone’s looking at you even though you’re not looking at them?  That happened to me yesterday afternoon as I was writing at a Starbucks outside Minneapolis. I looked up to find a young man standing there, looking at me.  When I looked up, he motioned for me to remove […]

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in the bleak midwinter

This week I’ve been in two places that really know winter well — New England and Minnesota. Empty, frozen branches are framed against the backdrop of a gray sky, which begins to darken in the mid-afternoon and is completely dark by 4:30 p.m. When I stand outside, I hear a profound silence, and feel a […]