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the last hug

In mid-January I learned that my grandpa, who lives in Maine, was diagnosed with Stage IV bladder cancer.  The hospice doctor said he didn’t give patients timeframes.  He encouraged my grandpa to just live his life and enjoy the days he had left without feeling like he was on a countdown. When my grandpa pressed him […]

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when your heart is broken

I wrote this, from experience, for Todd DeKryger’s family and friends…..and all of you who are limping along with broken hearts. * When your heart is broken…. You feel like you can’t breathe. You can’t see one step in front of you, let alone two. You can’t envision how you’ll survive. You can’t see the […]

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good and faithful

I am heartbroken this morning. Todd DeKryger, a physician assistant and the medical director of the Hospital of Hope where I worked in Togo for three months last year passed away yesterday. He had malaria, and then some other infection that they could never find or treat.  When his condition worsened, they arranged for him […]

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when God comes down the stairs

I’m staying with a friend in Minneapolis for a week in between speaking engagements. Last time I was at her place, it was early January.  I had spent a month with family over the holidays — resting, laughing, eating and doing very little writing or public speaking.  So during my time in MN in January, I […]

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This past weekend, I spoke at a large church in Milwaukee.  There was a service on Saturday night, and three on Sunday morning. I showed up Saturday afternoon and set up the book table, and did a sound check and a practice run-through of my talk.  Then, the stage manager took me backstage to meet […]

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children in the margins

I had the privilege of speaking at Northbrook Church in Milwaukee, WI,  this weekend about “Children In The Margins.” The hard truth is that in 2015, the number of children who died in the developing world under age 5 was the same as the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust (6 million.) The good […]

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do the thing

I spent my birthday (this past December) at a lodge in the Pacific Northwest.  As I sat by the fireplace on that rainy, windy day, I set goals for myself for the upcoming year, and I started a new journal in GoogleDocs.  I titled the document “Do the thing you think you cannot do,” a […]

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i’m listening

Usually about this time of the week, I’d be picking  a new blog theme and writing hundreds of words about it.  But for the past few days, as I’ve been thinking and praying about what to write on next, I’ve come up empty.  For the first time in my writing career, I’ve been speechless. It’s […]