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This past weekend, I spoke at a large church in Milwaukee.  There was a service on Saturday night, and three on Sunday morning.

I showed up Saturday afternoon and set up the book table, and did a sound check and a practice run-through of my talk.  Then, the stage manager took me backstage to meet the pastor who was going to be introducing me.

He was at least 6’2”, and my hand disappeared in his large one when we shook hands.   His first words to me were, “You’re so little!”

His comment about my small physical stature made me laugh.  “That’s what Abraham Lincoln said to Harriet Beecher Stowe (the author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin) when he met her,” I said.  “Lincoln said, ‘Here’s the little woman who started the big war.’”

“Please don’t start a war here,” the pastor said, with a look of dread in his eyes.

“Don’t worry,” I said.  “If I start a war, it’ll be the good kind.”

In my message, I spoke about Children in the Margins.  I explained that 6 million children in the developing world lost their lives in 2015, mostly from preventable causes.  Which means we lost as many children last year as we lost Jews in the Holocaust.

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It is unconscionable that while we are amusing, eating and entertaining ourselves to death, these kids are losing their lives because they don’t have access to simple things like safe drinking water, food and medicine.

I invited people to sponsor a child with Compassion International.   For $38 a month, you can sponsor a child in the developing world.  These sponsored kids get to go to a center where there is clean water, nutritious food and after-school tutoring.  There are adults who love on these kids and invest in them emotionally and spiritually.

(Also, I did the math. If you switch from buying an espresso drink at a coffee shop every day and get a plain coffee instead, that small substitution alone would be enough to sponsor 2 kids with Compassion!)

These kids get to grow up to be men and women of integrity who raise their own countries out of poverty….and they get to survive their childhood.

Compassion was hoping that we’d get 120 kids sponsored.  They sent 30 extra packets “just in case.”  Well……the congregation was on fire this weekend!  They sponsored all 150 kids and asked that more packets be sent for this coming weekend because there are still so many people who want to sponsor a child.


Also, people bought 200 copies of The Invisible Girls and ordered another 100.

As I thought about the weekend and all the good these people did — sponsoring kids with Compassion, and purchasing copies of The Invisible Girls to help send these Somali refugee girls to college — I thought about the pastor’s words.

“You’re so little!”

I thought about the amazing things God does with little things.

God cares about little people — people like me with soft voices and small stature.    God cares about little children, whose suffering often goes unnoticed by the rest of the world.  God cares about sparrows, the small birds whose deaths are witnessed by God.  God receives the widow’s last mite with love.

“You’re so little!”

I still laugh when I think about those words.

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Yes, I may be little.  Yes, I’m a girl.  Yes, I have a soft voice.

But God’s power shows up in little things — and he wages a war of love that saves people’s lives, and changes the world.

Thanks for sharing!

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  1. Sarah, I attended the service at Northbrook this weekend and have to tell you what an amazing woman you are.. such a great moved all of us..
    thank you so much for your time and the service you offer to all of the hurting and hungry in our world.
    Blessings to you.

  2. I finished reading your book last week and found your blog after I googled you. Even though I’m agnostic, I think your blog is great — I enjoyed learning about the things you did after you left Portland, from traveling, to becoming a public speaker, and working in Togo. Plus the successful recruiting you’ve been able to do for Compassion International. Super impressive! Looking forward to your next book.

  3. Loved your take on the weekend! You my be little but mighty! Your story and life experiences were a piercing in my heart. Actually reminded my college daughter of your message as she complained of a cold dorm shower. She has water to bathe in and be clean. She is healthy. Water she can drink and food to eat, that is not ketchup and moldy bread. Too many children have none of that. Her response, “when you put it that way Mom, it wasn’t so bad. Thank you for reminding me!”
    Thank you for bringing the truth to open our eyes.
    You are a blessing, beyond measure!!
    Mary Schafer

  4. We were there Saturday night. We were already talking about sponsoring a child, but you pushed us over the edge (even with your small stature)! We also bought your book.

  5. I really enjoyed your book and now your articles on Facebook! Would you be able to mail a packet on Compassion International to me?
    Thank you, Sally Anderson

  6. St. Therese of Lisieux was little. She did little things as her service to God. Her little actions and short life made a HUGE impact on the world. And those ripples continue to be felt today. Sometimes the Lord just wants the little things. And takes joy in our service to the little things. Because all of those little things – add up to really huge things. And as you say, those things change the world. So little is good. And what you have done and continue to do is very, very good. God bless you!

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