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when life doesn’t add up

Well, today’s the day.  I had my taxes done last week, and today’s the day that thousands of dollars get withdrawn from my account because, even though I live near the poverty level, I owe thousands of dollars because of a killer self-employment tax. When I came home from my accountant’s office last week, I […]

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blessed and broken: the week after easter

It’s a few days after the resurrection and, as Jesus is walking down the road to Emmaus, he catches up with two men who are walking together, discussing the recent events in Jerusalem, asking questions about the Messiah. Jesus walks with them, enters into their conversation, and answers their questions.  They invite him to dinner.  […]

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the day before resurrection

Every Easter weekend, people repeat that saying, “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming,” as if to say that your dreams or desires or hopes are dead, but just hold still in the nothingness of Friday night and all day Saturday, and then at dawn on Sunday everything wakes up and you’re suddenly alive again. I don’t […]

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…and then

So far, March hasn’t been the best month of my life.  I am behind on writing my next book — and it’s not for lack of trying.  The story just needs to steep longer and my subconscious needs time to unravel the knots in the narrative.  So anyway, the pub date got pushed back to […]

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my kenya registry

Friends! I have been invited to go to an orphanage in Kenya from April 24 – May 18th, 2016 to start a medical clinic for them.  The orphanage is for children who lost their parents to AIDS, and many of the children are HIV+  as well. The orphanage is located on Rusinga Island, a remote place in […]

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Hi, friends!  Today I began a month-long stay in Fort Smith, Arkansas, where I’ll be the author-in-residence.  I’ll be leading some groups, speaking, teaching some classes and (hopefully) working on the manuscript of my next book. Here’s my schedule for those of you who live in the area.  I’d love to meet you in person […]

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who was that?

This week I spoke at Dordt College, kicking off the Global Agricultural Summit they’re hosting there.  700 attendees from 25 countries converged, coming together to discuss how to grow and distribute food in a sustainable way around the globe. I showed up on Wednesday morning for a sound check, then prayed with the worship team, […]