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making it through

I was on chemotherapy during the summer of 2007.  My mom went to church one Sunday and I stayed home because I didn’t feel well.  I turned on the T.V. and watched George Stephanopoulos’ program.  The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were in full swing, and at the end of his show every week, they […]

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after africa

Hi, friends!!!  I just wanted to write a quick update to let you know how things are going. A month ago, I was on my way to Kenya to deliver medical supplies to a school for orphans on Rusinga Island, in rural western Kenya.  I enjoyed my time with the kids there, and it was […]

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for the love

On Monday night I took a short flight from Kisumu to Nairobi, and then took a red-eye flight from Nairobi to Amsterdam.  I had a layover in Amsterdam before I flew to Toronto, where I’ll be spending a few days exploring the city with my parents before speaking at a youth conference this weekend. During my […]

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soap operas, storms & stillness

When I wasn’t doing projects with the staff or the students at the school for orphans in Kenya, there were two places I’d go.  The first one was the cyber cafe, where I paid 1 shilling/minute to use the internet.  The second was the Rusinga Guest House, a hotel in town that lets you sit […]

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all in the familia

The first day I arrived at the homestead here in Kenya, I met the older couple I’d be staying with for the next three weeks. They invited me to call the Papa and Mama, and they began to call me “daughter.”  We drank a lot of tea that evening and they told me about their […]

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right vs. safe

When I left for Togo last year, it was shortly after the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and many people asked me, “Is it safe?” I usually answered, “I don’t know for sure that it’s safe, but I do know for sure that I’m supposed to go there.” When I left for Kenya last week, […]

$12 a day

Lots of people have written asking how they can help the school for orphans where I’m currently serving in Kenya. For $12 you can feed 120 orphans breakfast and lunch for a day. Please give what you can so these kids can be well, think well and learn well!