if you really want to help children in the developing world this Christmas: why Operation Christmas Child boxes do more harm than good

It’s early to think about Christmas, I know, but there are already lots of efforts underway to mobilize Christians who want to help children in the developing world have a merrier-than-usual Christmas. I love the enthusiasm, the generosity and the hope — and I want the same thing for these kids, too.  I want them […]



If your heart is broken….if you feel like you can’t breathe….if you wake up in the middle of the night and your heart is pounding…. Take a deep breath, dear one.  You’re going to be okay. If you worry about the future….if you can’t see past your past….if tomorrow feels more like a threat than a […]


grandma’s gone

I found out on Tuesday that my grandma had cancer.  Five days later, she died. Five days. I was visiting my parents in Illinois over the weekend.  On Saturday morning, I rode to a restaurant with my dad, where we planned to meet up with my mom for brunch.  When my mom walked into the restaurant, […]