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3 thoughts on “Newsletter

  1. Dear Sarah,
    I purchased the kindle version of your remarkable book. I am awestruck at your strength, drive, compassion and enduring faith. You are a blessing to humanity and I thank you for writing “Invisible Girls.” You are truly wise beyond your years Sarah. I will be purchasing several copies to give as gifts and spread your word.

  2. Hello Sarah – i just finished reading “The Invisible Girls” last night and I had to let you know what an impact it had on me. I live in Pittsburgh and my church is in an area where hundreds of Nepali refugees have been resettled in the last five or so years. Our Pastor began reaching out to them with God’s love in many practical ways and has earned their love and respect to the point where they call him “Mama” (which is actually Nepali for Uncle!) Our Sunday School program (which had dwindled to a handful of kids as we are an older congregation) is now bursting at the seams with bright, beautiful Nepali children who are learning about God’s love and seeing it demonstrated through their teachers and church members. About three years ago our Pastor presented the church with a challenge – could we love these children as our own? Could we ask Him to show us how we can make a difference in their lives? I decided that day to take the plunge and immediately my heart filled with joy at the prospect. I now teach Sunday School to the 3 – 5 year olds and the joy I felt on that day of challenge has only grown! Not only do I have the privilege of introducing these little ones to Jesus, my heart is full from the love I receive from them! It has filled so many of the dark recesses of my own soul and brought new purpose direction to my life. When I finished your book I couldn’t help but wonder what the fate of this little family would have been had you never opened your heart to them. It reminded me again that the power of one act of love can explode into a life altering force that can move mountains, change one life or the whole world! Another reason I was touched by your book is your struggles with faith in the face of your illness. Our Pastor has a daughter diagnosed in her late teens with a degenerative spinal disease. Now in her early 30’s, she struggles with many of the same feelings of abandonment, the “whys”, anger and doubts that you wrote about and is beyond discouraged. I am going to give her your book and pray it will reach down into her darkness with the light of hope. God bless you abundantly, Sahara Sarah! Thank you for sharing your story and for what it teaches us all! PS: I couldn’t put your book down…read the first few chapters one day and finished it the next!

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