you are not lost

March 5th was the first Sunday of Lent. Before church, I met a friend at a coffee shop a few blocks from church.  As we were chatting, I noticed a little boy, who couldn’t have been older than three, who was standing near us.  He walked in a circle on the welcome mat near us […]

$12 a day

Lots of people have written asking how they can help the school for orphans where I’m currently serving in Kenya. For $12 you can feed 120 orphans breakfast and lunch for a day. Please give what you can so these kids can be well, think well and learn well!

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This past weekend, I spoke at a large church in Milwaukee.  There was a service on Saturday night, and three on Sunday morning. I showed up Saturday afternoon and set up the book table, and did a sound check and a practice run-through of my talk.  Then, the stage manager took me backstage to meet […]

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compassion: part I

On my last weekend in Togo, I visited a Compassion International site in Lome, the capitol city. I’ve been a spokesperson with Compassion for the past year, a non-profit whose mission is to “release children from poverty in the name of Jesus.”  They go into the poorest neighborhoods in the poorest developing countries and partner […]

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while they were sleeping

Whenever I walk through the village of Mango, where the Hospital of Hope is located, little kids stop what they’re doing, point at me, and chant a word that means “white person” in their local language.  Well, actually, it literally means, “The Peeled One” because they think white people look like they’ve had their skin […]