boxing day

When I was a very little girl, I thought that Boxing Day (aka December 26th) was the day on which family conflicts roiled over and disagreements came to blows. It wasn’t until later that I realized Boxing Day is about putting gifts in a box, and giving them away. It isn’t about pugilism; it’s about […]


if you really want to help children in the developing world this Christmas: why Operation Christmas Child boxes do more harm than good

It’s early to think about Christmas, I know, but there are already lots of efforts underway to mobilize Christians who want to help children in the developing world have a merrier-than-usual Christmas. I love the enthusiasm, the generosity and the hope — and I want the same thing for these kids, too.  I want them […]

’twas the day before Christmas

The day before Jesus was born was not a fun day in Bethlehem.  The town was overcrowded.  People were there for a mandatory census.  The Jews had been oppressed by the Romans for a long time, and no prophet had spoken words from God in centuries. And yet. God had already heard the prayers of people […]

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the thing about snowflakes

I have an oncology appointment today.  I go in every six months for a check-up and an injection of medicine that (hopefully) will prevent a breast cancer recurrence. Every time I visit my oncologist, I have really mixed feelings.  Part of me is grateful that, 9 years after my cancer diagnosis, I’m still here.  I’m also […]