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no place Love won’t go

When I heard about the need for medical volunteers in Togo, I quickly volunteered to go.  It was only after I made the 3-month commitment that I began reading more about the country.  I learned that Togo is a country of close to 8 million people, located in West Africa, bordering Ghana, Benin and Burkina […]

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in spite of the ache

Three weeks ago, I broke my ankle when the strap of my shoe got caught in the moving sidewalk at the airport.  At first I assumed it was just sprained, so I preached, flew back to San Francisco, and went to work seeing patients in clinic.  Five days later, common sense (and pain) prevailed, and […]



If your heart is broken….if you feel like you can’t breathe….if you wake up in the middle of the night and your heart is pounding…. Take a deep breath, dear one.  You’re going to be okay. If you worry about the future….if you can’t see past your past….if tomorrow feels more like a threat than a […]

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the overcoming of it

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.” – Helen Keller I love the Olympics.  The convergence of so many countries and cultures.  The tremendous physical feats.  The electrifying competition.  The intense emotions of triumph and defeat.  The sportsmanship.  The surprises. But what I love most about […]

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Here’s the next blog in the Known, Loved, Wanted, Precious & Free Series! *** The first half of 2015 was a little rough.  I was in the most intense spiritual darkness I’d been in — maybe ever. And then I went to Togo. While I was there,  when the Internet was working (which was a […]

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the least likely place

  One of my favorite parts of the Advent story is the shepherds.  God bless those shepherds. The angels appear to them and tell them that the Messiah has been born and he’s lying in a manger.  And they don’t question the angel.  They just say, “Oh, ok, cool!” And then they go running to […]