if you really want to help children in the developing world this Christmas: why Operation Christmas Child boxes do more harm than good

It’s early to think about Christmas, I know, but there are already lots of efforts underway to mobilize Christians who want to help children in the developing world have a merrier-than-usual Christmas. I love the enthusiasm, the generosity and the hope — and I want the same thing for these kids, too.  I want them […]

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no one’s free until we’re all free

Yesterday I read Ta-Nehisi Coates’ book, Between The World And Me.  It’s a letter from a black father to his son, reflecting on his experience of discrimination, racism and the broken narrative Americans live with, where wealthy white men have pursued the American Dream at the expense of people whose skin color was different from theirs. […]

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my kenya registry

Friends! I have been invited to go to an orphanage in Kenya from April 24 – May 18th, 2016 to start a medical clinic for them.  The orphanage is for children who lost their parents to AIDS, and many of the children are HIV+  as well. The orphanage is located on Rusinga Island, a remote place in […]