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ashes, ashes: what Jesus really came to save us from

Last night I went to St. Gregory’s of Nyssa, the small Episcopal church a few blocks from my house.  The small sanctuary was glowing with candles, and it was completely silent. People entered and silently filtered into their seats.  We nodded to acknowledge each others’ presence instead of greeting each other out loud. At 7 […]

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in the aftermath

Yesterday I flew from Florida to Oregon, which means that I was on airplanes for most of the day.  I got home from the airport around midnight and checked my phone — to find the horrific news coming out of Dallas.  Coming on the heels of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, the murder of five […]

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when your heart is broken

I wrote this, from experience, for Todd DeKryger’s family and friends…..and all of you who are limping along with broken hearts. * When your heart is broken…. You feel like you can’t breathe. You can’t see one step in front of you, let alone two. You can’t envision how you’ll survive. You can’t see the […]