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for the love

On Monday night I took a short flight from Kisumu to Nairobi, and then took a red-eye flight from Nairobi to Amsterdam.  I had a layover in Amsterdam before I flew to Toronto, where I’ll be spending a few days exploring the city with my parents before speaking at a youth conference this weekend. During my […]

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when life doesn’t add up

Well, today’s the day.  I had my taxes done last week, and today’s the day that thousands of dollars get withdrawn from my account because, even though I live near the poverty level, I owe thousands of dollars because of a killer self-employment tax. When I came home from my accountant’s office last week, I […]

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On Wednesday I was flying from Jackson, Mississippi to Denver, Colorado, for a speaking engagement.  On the flight, I closed my eyes and for some reason, I started thinking about all the people Jesus encountered.  All the people whose stories we read about in the Gospels.  And I started wondering what happened to them afterwards. […]

’twas the day before Christmas

The day before Jesus was born was not a fun day in Bethlehem.  The town was overcrowded.  People were there for a mandatory census.  The Jews had been oppressed by the Romans for a long time, and no prophet had spoken words from God in centuries. And yet. God had already heard the prayers of people […]

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keeping the ‘mas’ in ‘christmas’

It’s two days before Christmas, and there’s lots to do. In many of our lives, there’s always lots to do.  But during Advent, there’s  even more ‘lots to do’ than usual. Sugar cookies. Holiday parties.  Food prep.  Christmas tree decorating.  Gingerbread houses.  Greeting cards.  Gifts for children, parents, teachers, friends.  Family dinners.  Work parties.  Church services.  Christmas […]