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in spite of the ache

Three weeks ago, I broke my ankle when the strap of my shoe got caught in the moving sidewalk at the airport.  At first I assumed it was just sprained, so I preached, flew back to San Francisco, and went to work seeing patients in clinic.  Five days later, common sense (and pain) prevailed, and […]

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the secret to 2016

I’m writing this post in O’Hare International Airport this morning.  I was supposed to land in Minneapolis last night, but the flight from ORD to MSP was cancelled due to a crew issue. I was told to call the airline’s 1-800 number to rebook, which I did, and after 35 minutes on the phone with […]

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keeping the ‘mas’ in ‘christmas’

It’s two days before Christmas, and there’s lots to do. In many of our lives, there’s always lots to do.  But during Advent, there’s  even more ‘lots to do’ than usual. Sugar cookies. Holiday parties.  Food prep.  Christmas tree decorating.  Gingerbread houses.  Greeting cards.  Gifts for children, parents, teachers, friends.  Family dinners.  Work parties.  Church services.  Christmas […]


invitation only

Last week, I flew to Europe to spend a month as the author-in-residence at an art school in Germany.  But I have a thing for collecting stamps in my passport, so instead of flying straight to Germany, I flew into Amsterdam, spent a few days exploring, and then took the overnight train to meet the […]

who for the joy

A few weeks ago on a warm July night, I sat with a friend on the balcony of my little studio apartment in Santa Barbara.  It was nearly midnight and, while we watched stars winking at us from the deep indigo sky, I wondered aloud about why some well-known people have reputations for being casual […]