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the truth that saves us all

For God so loved the world. Maybe the most well-known words from the sacred book I’ve been reading all my life. For God so loved the world.  Six simple, monosyllabic words — but words that matter more than anything else that can be said about God. To borrow from the poet Christian Wyman, in this grain […]

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how to listen to your life

Ohio Northern University applied for — and received — a grant to bring me to campus for three weeks during the fall semester.  I’m guest-lecturing about international aid, health communications and public health.   I’m helping to guide a cohort through the process of writing their stories.  And I’m working with the chaplain — who […]

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with us

I’m guest-lecturing at Ohio Northern University this week.  This afternoon, I’m speaking at an event for students who are undecided about their majors.  The faculty asked if I’d talk about the ways in which my academic and career plans went right….and wrong…..and how I ended up on my current path. When I asked them how long […]

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when life doesn’t add up

Well, today’s the day.  I had my taxes done last week, and today’s the day that thousands of dollars get withdrawn from my account because, even though I live near the poverty level, I owe thousands of dollars because of a killer self-employment tax. When I came home from my accountant’s office last week, I […]

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for kristin

My friend Kristin died of breast cancer on Wednesday night.  Here’s a piece I wrote about her a few years ago. Kristin, may you rest in the Arms of Love that are truer than life and stronger than death. *** I met Kristin during my first shift in an urban E.R. in Portland 3 years […]

outside the lines

  Last week I went to Target to make a little care package for my 4-year-old nephew.   I was standing in the art supply aisle, and I had a choice to make.  I could buy him a paint-by-number kit, or I could get him a sketch pad and let him freestyle instead. I choose freestyle over […]

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my soul wanted you

Last week, one of the doctors at the hospital was working late at night when a nurse’s aide came running in from the women’s ward. “A woman’s intestines are under her bed!” he yelled. A 20-something-year-old woman had come in for emergency surgery on a large abdominal hernia.  A few hours later, she had gotten […]