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friday nights and sunday mornings

Good Friday reminds me of what I learned in Togo, when I contracted malaria and wondered why I couldn’t get out of bed if I was loved by the God who raised Jesus from the dead.  I wrote about it in my upcoming book WELL, and I wanted to share it with you this morning […]

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soap operas, storms & stillness

When I wasn’t doing projects with the staff or the students at the school for orphans in Kenya, there were two places I’d go.  The first one was the cyber cafe, where I paid 1 shilling/minute to use the internet.  The second was the Rusinga Guest House, a hotel in town that lets you sit […]

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Every morning I was in Africa, I tried to spend at least an hour writing, praying and/or meditating.  A quiet time to listen to God and talk to him before everything got crazy. A few days after I got out of the hospital after having malaria, I got a cup of coffee from the kitchen […]

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Yesterday was my first day back at work, post-malaria. When I got malaria, I was in the hospital for three days, and then I spent a week after that lying in bed, sleeping, reading, taking short walks, drinking lots of water, and trying to keep my mind off the nausea and joint pain that just.won’t.go away. […]

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Last week I didn’t feel awesome.  Nothing specific, nothing severe, just not awesome. I attributed it to a busy clinic schedule, staying up 28 hours straight once or twice a week while I’m on call, plus the usual not-awesomeness I feel from my anti-cancer medicine. Thursday night as I was trying to find a comfortable […]