good and faithful

It’s my parents’ anniversary today. They’ve been married for nearly four decades. The more failed dating relationships I have — well, let’s be honest, the longer I go without dating at all — the more amazed I am at their marriage. They found each other, they committed to each other, they stayed together, they worked […]


life on the line

For the last six weeks I’ve been writing about singleness.  I’ve been asking questions like, Why is it hard to be single?  What unique opportunities does singleness provide?  How can friends, family and church communities better understand their single friends? As I’ve explored these questions, I’ve come to believe that one of the reasons why […]


63 Percent

I frequently travel to speak at events, and afterwards I shake hands with a lot of people.  One of the most common things they say is, “Why’s a pretty girl like you still single?” I know they mean well, and in a way it’s sort of a compliment that they think I’m good marriage material, […]