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ashes, ashes: what Jesus really came to save us from

Last night I went to St. Gregory’s of Nyssa, the small Episcopal church a few blocks from my house.  The small sanctuary was glowing with candles, and it was completely silent. People entered and silently filtered into their seats.  We nodded to acknowledge each others’ presence instead of greeting each other out loud. At 7 […]


grandma’s gone

I found out on Tuesday that my grandma had cancer.  Five days later, she died. Five days. I was visiting my parents in Illinois over the weekend.  On Saturday morning, I rode to a restaurant with my dad, where we planned to meet up with my mom for brunch.  When my mom walked into the restaurant, […]

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the last hug

In mid-January I learned that my grandpa, who lives in Maine, was diagnosed with Stage IV bladder cancer.  The hospice doctor said he didn’t give patients timeframes.  He encouraged my grandpa to just live his life and enjoy the days he had left without feeling like he was on a countdown. When my grandpa pressed him […]

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good and faithful

I am heartbroken this morning. Todd DeKryger, a physician assistant and the medical director of the Hospital of Hope where I worked in Togo for three months last year passed away yesterday. He had malaria, and then some other infection that they could never find or treat.  When his condition worsened, they arranged for him […]