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MAGA: How goodness makes us great again

Since Hurricane Harvey made landfall, I have been praying for Houston. I have been captivated by the stories, videos, articles and photos emerging from the storm. What strikes me is that in the midst of the wind, the deluge, the flooding, the destruction and the desperation, there are slivers of beauty. There are glimpses of greatness. Not in […]

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until we are all free

Yesterday, the U.S. celebrated Independence Day with barbecues, picnics, outdoor adventures, watermelon, ice cream and fireworks.  Lots of American flags were flown, and lots of people talked about our gift of freedom. There’s a new park in my neighborhood.  The City of San Francisco took a dilapidated block and turned it into a beautiful little park with a […]


showing up

My friends have done incredible things to help promote my book.  They’ve tweeted and Facebooked and e-mailed about it.  They’ve let me guest post on their blogs.  I mean, seriously, incredible. But in the midst of all the buzz that my friends have helped generate, one of the most meaningful gestures came from my 85-year-old […]