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the truth that saves us all

For God so loved the world. Maybe the most well-known words from the sacred book I’ve been reading all my life. For God so loved the world.  Six simple, monosyllabic words — but words that matter more than anything else that can be said about God. To borrow from the poet Christian Wyman, in this grain […]

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the (dis)comfort zone

Today is my 4th day in Kenya.  So far it’s been a great experience….very friendly people, a kind host family, fun kids and a very responsive staff. And yet, it has certainly been a stretching experience.  I’ve only seen two other white people on the island so far.  Francis said they’re with the Peace Corps, […]

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When patients come to the clinic, they have to give the medical assistants a reason for their visit. One of the most common complaints they give is, “Tout les corps fait mal,” which means, “The whole body feels ill,” or,  “Whole body pain.” I see at least a dozen patients a day who say that. […]