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it happened one day at starbucks

You know how sometimes you feel someone’s looking at you even though you’re not looking at them?  That happened to me yesterday afternoon as I was writing at a Starbucks outside Minneapolis. I looked up to find a young man standing there, looking at me.  When I looked up, he motioned for me to remove […]


I don’t have many words to describe the grief in my heart after what transpired around the world this weekend….with attacks in Beirut, Baghdad and Paris.  I’ll try to write more later, but for now, I pray for Love to win in me, in you, and in the world. Will you pray with me?   […]


a birthday blog

Dear Friends, I’m celebrating my 36th birthday at a hotel in Portsmouth, New Hampshire today.  Last year I celebrated my birthday at a hotel in Houston, Texas.  It’s a little weird to wake up alone in a hotel in a strange city on my birthday, but it’s also kind of fun because the reason I’ve […]