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MAGA: How goodness makes us great again

Since Hurricane Harvey made landfall, I have been praying for Houston. I have been captivated by the stories, videos, articles and photos emerging from the storm. What strikes me is that in the midst of the wind, the deluge, the flooding, the destruction and the desperation, there are slivers of beauty. There are glimpses of greatness. Not in […]


you are not lost

March 5th was the first Sunday of Lent. Before church, I met a friend at a coffee shop a few blocks from church.  As we were chatting, I noticed a little boy, who couldn’t have been older than three, who was standing near us.  He walked in a circle on the welcome mat near us […]

already home

Last week while I was in Portland, my schedule was a blur of activities. I sat down with a film crew that’s working on a series of short clips about generosity (I’ll let you know when it’s viewable!) Then I surprised an elementary school whose teacher read them excerpts of The Invisible Girls this past […]