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friday nights and sunday mornings

Good Friday reminds me of what I learned in Togo, when I contracted malaria and wondered why I couldn’t get out of bed if I was loved by the God who raised Jesus from the dead.  I wrote about it in my upcoming book WELL, and I wanted to share it with you this morning […]


boxing day

When I was a very little girl, I thought that Boxing Day (aka December 26th) was the day on which family conflicts roiled over and disagreements came to blows. It wasn’t until later that I realized Boxing Day is about putting gifts in a box, and giving them away. It isn’t about pugilism; it’s about […]

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when God comes down the stairs

I’m staying with a friend in Minneapolis for a week in between speaking engagements. Last time I was at her place, it was early January.  I had spent a month with family over the holidays — resting, laughing, eating and doing very little writing or public speaking.  So during my time in MN in January, I […]