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good and faithful

I am heartbroken this morning. Todd DeKryger, a physician assistant and the medical director of the Hospital of Hope where I worked in Togo for three months last year passed away yesterday. He had malaria, and then some other infection that they could never find or treat.  When his condition worsened, they arranged for him […]

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compassion: part II

Felix lives less than two miles from the Compassion center. We climb into the director’s car.  I’m sitting in the front passenger seat, and Felix is in the back seat with Ben, the videographer. As we’re driving out of the parking lot, I ask Felix if we can take a selfie. “Okay, say cheese!” He […]

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compassion: part I

On my last weekend in Togo, I visited a Compassion International site in Lome, the capitol city. I’ve been a spokesperson with Compassion for the past year, a non-profit whose mission is to “release children from poverty in the name of Jesus.”  They go into the poorest neighborhoods in the poorest developing countries and partner […]

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welcome home

I imagined it at least a hundred times. When I was sick with malaria, when I was exhausted after a 28 hour shift, when the hospital ran out of water, when I lost a patient I’d tried so hard to save, I closed my eyes and imagined coming home. Stepping on the plane in Togo, falling asleep […]

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the real question

Last week, the doctor who was on-call admitted a 5-month-old little girl.   The fever, the positive malaria test, and the seizures all pointed to what is, in Togo, a common diagnosis: cerebral malaria. The little girl seemed to have a bad case of it.  She seized all through the night, in spite of multiple […]

we have water!

Thanks for praying, sending good thoughts, doing a rain dance….or….whatever else you did over the weekend. We now have running water in town and here at the hospital compound.  From now on, whenever I take a shower or flush a toilet or turn on a spigot, I will whisper a prayer of supplication for the […]