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no place Love won’t go

When I heard about the need for medical volunteers in Togo, I quickly volunteered to go.  It was only after I made the 3-month commitment that I began reading more about the country.  I learned that Togo is a country of close to 8 million people, located in West Africa, bordering Ghana, Benin and Burkina […]

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MAGA: How goodness makes us great again

Since Hurricane Harvey made landfall, I have been praying for Houston. I have been captivated by the stories, videos, articles and photos emerging from the storm. What strikes me is that in the midst of the wind, the deluge, the flooding, the destruction and the desperation, there are slivers of beauty. There are glimpses of greatness. Not in […]


Questions for the men who chant ‘Blood and Soil.’ Questions for the rest of us.

 “Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking…” – Ghandi I’m heartbroken about what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia, yesterday. I’m incredulous at the photos of hoards of white men with raised torches, clenched fists, angry eyes and hateful sneers. In college I did an extensive research project on the KKK.  As I forced myself to experience yesterday […]